About Us


Imam USA is a non-profit 501(c) organization. Established to provide assistance to masjids and other non-profit organizations to find Imam services and also provides training to foreign Imams.

With the increase of Muslims in North America, It’s becoming difficult for many organizations to find the imam they’re looking for.

We make it convenient by providing imams that are trained in  various ways, to adapt to the western culture. To better able to understand Muslim communities, and give adequate services. 

Many areas of training are covered, and only those completing it with success are recommended by us.

Some of the programs
1 Imam in the U.S.
2 Mixed cultures
3 New reverts
4 Non-Muslim interest
5 Dawah
6 Marriage
7 Divorce
8 Funeral
9 Financial / interest
10 Fatwah
11 Counseling
12 public schools
13 Imam in Correctional Facilities
14 Imam in U.S. Military base